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Cover image for Design Digest #30: AI як UX-асистент, оновлення Webflow та редизайн Patreon
Oleh Idolov для Awesomic


Design Digest #30: AI як UX-асистент, оновлення Webflow та редизайн Patreon

Цей дайджест склали Олег Ідолов, Мирона Зулгаріна, Анжеліка Єфанова, Артем Погребняк, Уля Миронова, Наталія Терещенко та Захар Кривошия у Awesomic.

Обговорюйте дайджест у коментарях, а також в окремій спільноті ;)

🦄 Product та UI/UX-дизайн

Статті та кейс-стаді

How our biggest redesign yet came to be | Slack Design

AI as a UX Assistant | NN/group

Why it's time for research to move beyond UX | Great Question

Framing Effeсt | Growth Design

Table of Contents: The Ultimate Design Guide | NN/group

An Actionable And Reliable Usability Questionnaire With Only 7 Items: Inuit | Smashing Magazine

How Duolingo designs product (and why) | ADPList

Voice User Interfaces: Seamless Interactions | UXmatters

Transition animations: a practical guide | by Dongkyu Lee, UX Collective

Advanced component properties and variables in Figma for faster product design | Regiosaur, Bootcamp


👁 Vercel – build and deploy the best web experiences

Image description

👁 Webflow – new branding, landing page & product updates

Image description

👁 Engaged is a leading omnichannel activation agency | Altform PRO, Engaged, Rogier de Boevé, Glenn Catteeuw

Image description

👁 Lusion – a creative production studio 

Image description

👁 Polaroid i2 Camera | Build in Amsterdam

Image description

👁 Captions – your AI-powered creative studio | zypsy

Image description

👁 ZocDoc – reshaping healthcare access | Rondesignlab

Image description

👁 GSAP – animate anything JS can touch | TOYFIGHT 

Image description

👁 AUXILITY – development agency | Auxility

Image description

👁 Search Through Time | Google, Buttermax

Image description

🇺🇦 USPS (Ukrainian School of Political Studies) | Hexagon Agency

Image description

Image description

👀 Візуальна комунікація

Статті та кейс стаді

AI tools paint a blurry picture of our current reality – so what do these biases mean for our future? | It’s Nice That

The biggest trends in graphic design for 2024, as predicted by the creative industry | Creative Boom

We’ve chosen a different path. Orchidea Agency on their dedication to making a positive impact | The Brand Identity

Welcome To the Great Un-Cursiving of Logos | Dieline

Five essential tips for settling in and excelling at a design studio | The Brand Identity

Is Meme-Ification of the News a Good or Bad Thing? | PRINT Magazine

'A Good Way to Bank': Nationwide reveals its biggest rebrand in 30 years | Creative Boom 

How to handle the sting of creative rejection – and maybe grow from it too | It’s Nice That

Designer Ferran Feixas on why social media has been a force for good in branding | Creative Boom

Who Gets to be Called an Artist? | PRINT Magazine

Branding for Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity | Manual Creative

After Two Decades Of Plastic Bag Bans, Where Are We? | Dieline

Shaping the future of graphic design, with Paula Scher | The Creative Boom Podcast


👁 Patreon, redesigned – a new brand identity built for, and with, creators | in-house team & Wolff Olins

Image description

👁 MadeForMed – brand design a medical communications interface | Grapheine

Image description

👁 Meet the new Webflow – a brand refresh

Image description

👁 Little Fox's Packaging Expresses A Sense Of Curiosity | Dieline 

Image description

👁 Deezer: Where music comes alive | Creative Boom 

Image description

👁 Near – A limitless identity for the world's pioneering Blockchain Operating System | fold7design

Image description

👁 Karavie – a CBD and wellness brand | Studio Sly 

Image description

👁 LIFI23 – Leeds International Festival of Ideas | Rabbithole

Image description

👁 Satisfy – brand identity for a sport brand | ACTUAL SOURCE

Image description

👁 Howden – brand identity for insurance group | North

Image description

👁 Branding for a mysterious tech start-up smlXL | DIA

Image description

Image description

💫 Motion дизайн

👁Поєднання двох тенденцій анімаційної графіки: гіперреалістична 3D-анімаційна графіка + антигравітація та флоатінг у Nike Terrascape 90 advertisement | Shapes & Forms, Fabian Garzon

👁Unusual Kinetic typography | Mat Voyce

👁Vintage style Kinetic typography | Solo Zone

👁AI-motion with the help of Stable Diffusion | Seo Hyojung

👁SSOT Osu! Tournament | Yat Fung Leung

👁 Film Fest Gent's animated rebranding | Creative Boom

🔠 Типографія

Geist Font | Vercel

Image description

Canva, Custom Font | Colophon Foundry

Image description

Lang Gothic | ArrowType

Image description

Chroma | SourceType

Image description

OH no Type has just started the Drawer‚ where they sell unfinished typefaces.

The first one is Done.

Image description

Otoiwo Grotesk Superfamily | Oleh Lishchuk, MintType

Image description

Lineto released LL Geigy and LL Geigy Mono designed by Robert Huber.

Image description

Type foundry Dinamo creates riveting new dot font based on furniture screws | Creative Boom 

Image description

New identity based on variable fonts for Tokyo Dome City | Creative Boom

👩‍🚀 Продуктивність та кар’єрне зростання

Clients from hell: How to navigate nightmarish scenarios as a freelancer | Creative Boom

Designer Gatherings | NN/group

Design Salary Guide and Survey | Coroflot

The importance of forging a strong creative community | Verònica Fuerte from Hey Studio

Getting over rejection: Creatives, and a therapist, share their stories and methods | Conversation with four creatives and a therapist

Dear Future Design Leads: How to transition into a creative leadership role | Jeeyoung Yang for IBM design

For people going places: how we founded the Design Interns programme at Wise | Nikki Godley

Common-Knowledge Effect: A Harmful Bias in Team Decision Making | NN/group

Curiosity at the core. Unlocking high-performance in diverse teams | William Joseph 

We’re turning designers into factory workers | Matic Pelcl, UX Collective

🚀 Продукти та інструменти


Redesign the way you jam with FigJam AI

Figma for Zoom

Figma's future is about far more than design—or getting acquired | Fast Company


Adobe MAX 2023: Introducing the next generation of creativity, powered by AI

Adobe Max 2023: Everything Announced in 20 Minutes


Material Design 3 – Web Components

AI інструменти

Midjourney New “Style Tuner”- Advanced Tips and Usage | Bootcamp

Pika Labs – A brand new video making experience with AI, now with 3D animation

KREA – real-time image generation update

Runway ML – text to video and image to video generation updates

Luma AI – text to 3D update

Vizcom – product visualizations in seconds


The Top 10 Talks on the Future of AI and Design | Designer Fund

Free AI images for creatives & professionals | Neurascapes

Procreate Dreams: A First Look at the All-New Animation App 

🤪 Меми

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Приєднуйтесь до ком’юніті дизайнерів Awesomic, обговорюйте найгарячіші кейси та надсилайте свої меми ;)

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