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Cover image for Design Digest #29: як Linear будує продукт, дизайн UX для AI та презентація Apple
Oleh Idolov для Awesomic


Design Digest #29: як Linear будує продукт, дизайн UX для AI та презентація Apple

Цей дайджест склали Олег Ідолов, Мирона Зулгаріна, Ніка Косміна, Юлія Кузнєцова та Захар Кривошия у Awesomic.

Обговорюйте дайджест у коментарях, а також в окремій спільноті ;)

🦄 Product та UI/UX дизайн

Продуктові апдейти

Apple iPhone 15 event recap: the seven biggest announcements | The Verge

iPhone 15 Camera: Apple Explains UI Design Decisions, Limitations, and Hidden Features | MacRumors

How Apple Made the Ultimate Snoopy Watch: “You Wouldn't Believe the Minutiae” | GQ

Meta Connect 2023: Everything you need to know about Quest 3 VR, Ray-Ban smart glasses and Meta AI | TechCrunch

Microsoft’s Surface and AI event: all the news and announcements | The Verge

Google Pixel Event 2023: Everything announced, including the Pixel 8 series, Pixel Watch 2, Pixel Buds Pro, Android 14 | TechCrunch

Jony Ive is reportedly developing an AI gadget with OpenAI's Sam Altman | The Verge

Статті та кейс-стаді

How Linear builds product | Lenny Rachitsky

Design for meaningful outcomes – a practical guide | Ian Batterbee, UX Collective

​​Waiting for AI's pull-to-refresh moment | David Hoang, Proof of Concept

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Study Guide | NN/group

How I Structured My Design System Using Figma’s New Variables | Melissa McArthur, Bootcamp

The 5 most common arguments against user testing | Christopher K Wong, Data & Design

Big Tech is driving the new UX design of AI | The AI Beat / VentureBeat

Framing Effect: Why context affects decisions | growth.design

User Interviews 101 | NN/group

🇺🇦 Вклались у 187 годин: як команда Axicube вдосконалила інтерфейс military-tech застосунку | telegraf.design


👁 Opal App – Measure and improve your focus day by day

Image description

👁 Gitness – Open-source code hosting & pipeline engine | Pixel Point

Image description

👁 Uvodo – eCommerce & payments platform 

Image description

 👁 Ultrahuman Ring AIR ®– The world’s most comfortable and compact smart ring that monitors your sleep, movement and recovery.

Image description

 👁 Gapsy Studio is a one-stop destination for any design solutions | Gapsy Studio, Advanced Team

Image description

 👁 ESPN: inside Carlos Alcaraz game | 28K, Jonas Emmertsen, Steffen Christiansen, ESPN

Image description

 👁 2586 Labs, Inc.

Image description

👁 Leapwise – a boutique development agency headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, EU | Bien Studion

Image description

🇺🇦 RideMate – a groundbreaking smart helmet app | Rondesignlab

Image description

Image description

👀 Візуальна комунікація

Статті та кейс стаді

The Designer’s Guide to Building a Winning VC Pitch Deck | Designer Fund

Color for brand designers working with product teams | Katie Cooper, UX Collective

Redefining Facebook’s brand identity | Meta

Are rebrands starting to look the same? The challenges defining commercial design | It’s Nice That

Cari Sekendur on the perks of unconventional backgrounds, launching Butter Studio, and working globally  The Brand Identity

Why a hidden message in Ozempic's logo represents a big shift in drug branding | Fast Company

Print's not dead: the best magazines for graphic design inspiration | Tom May, Creative Boom 

Creative expression and breaking convention: we dive into the exploratory work of Appear Offline | The Brand Identity

Min Heo draws cute characters and sweet depictions of daily life | Creative Boom

Keith Haring illustrated these images on an 80s Amiga computer | It’s Nice That

🇺🇦 Викладати українцям та працювати на Walt Disney – Інтерв'ю з Торі Польською | telegraf.design


👁 Field | Studio Oker

Image description

👁 Museum of London Docklands | Studio Bergini

Image description

👁 Moss beverage packaging design 

Image description

👁 Casa Malka's Visually Compelling And Balanced Identity | The Dieline

Image description

👁 RAINER SCHNEIDER – a contemporary restaurant re-imagining the German kitchen | Hyperfocus

Image description

👁 TeeMaa Packaging | Tino Nyman

Image description

👁 Half Magic beauty line | Mythology

Image description

👁 Bloom – the always-on career coaching & mentoring app for everyone, anytime | Parsons

Image description

👁 Elemy – the pediatric behavioral health company that seeks to transform the lives of children and families | Pentagram

Image description

👁 Shop – all-in-one shopping app | PORTO ROCHA

Image description

👁 Odido | TWBA/Studio Neboko

Image description

Image description

👩‍🚀 Продуктивність та кар’єрне зростання

How to promote and build your creative business without using social media | Katy Cowan, Creative Boom

Brutal Feedback | Hardik Pandya

Meet the nonprofit training formerly incarcerated people for careers in UX design | Figma Blog

5 Surprising Jobs That Won’t Get Eliminated By AI | UX Magazine

How do you lead as a principal designer? | Adobe Design

Practical exercises and inspirations to help when creative burnout hits | Tom May, Creative Boom

Designer Gatherings | NN/group

🔠 Типографіка

Статті та огляди

Typeface inspired by the Mediterranean interior design, Olivia Hingley | It’s Nice That

Image description

8 micro tips for remarkably better typography | Matej Latin, UX Collective

Custom Type and Non-Linguistic Visuals Anchor a Community Brand in Heritage and Accessibility | PRINT Magazine

The new Google Fonts: find what you’re looking for | Material Design

Is AI better at picking and pairing fonts than you? | Better Web Type

🇺🇦 Шрифтова Абетка у Хвильовому: як це було

Шрифтові релізи

Lardent Font | Colophon Foundry

Image description

Diplomat Collection | Commercial Type

Image description

Münchenstein, the forgotten typefaces by the designer of Helvetica | Typotheque

Image description

Kudriavka custom typeface | Dmytro Rastvortsev

Image description

🚀 Products and Tools


Little Big Updates Weekly H2 2023 | Figma Community

Outline glyphs separately, Auto layout: Min/max indicator improvements, Improved link paste treatment, Video in FigJam, Emoji picker upgrade and many more

“The long and short of it,” a new newsletter from Figma on how products take shape | Figma Shortcut


All new, AI-powered Creative Cloud release and Pricing update | Adobe Blog

Firefly-powered features like Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool are now out of beta. Adobe is also introducing a new bonus scheme to pay its stock contributors for helping to train its AI model – The Verge


Sketch v98.3: This update fixes a few bugs + performance issues you might have experienced while running Sketch on macOS Sonoma.

AI Tools

DALL·E 3 – a new version of OpenAI’s image generating model understands significantly more nuance and detail than our previous systems, allowing you to easily translate your ideas into exceptionally accurate images.

Introducing Magic Studio: the power of AI, all in one place | Canva

Being Authentic in the Time of AI | Webflow Blog

How Are Consumers Using Generative AI? | Andreessen Horowitz

10 Most Useful AI Tools for Designers in 2023 | Design Shack

AI Has Already Created As Many Images As Photographers Have Taken in 150 Years. Statistics for 2023 | Everypixel Journal

🌐 Також

How Design Thinking Transformed Airbnb from a Failing Startup to a Billion Dollar Business | The Review’s

Shrek Crocs Classic Clog 209373-300 Release Info | Hypebeast

Ksenia Schnaider presented a new collection with Adidas Originals | DTF Magazine

5 essential design books to read this fall | Fast Company

Critiquing Startup Mobile Apps with Glide CEO | Y Combinator

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🌠 Бонус: Кілька цікавих інста-сторінок

Oliver Hooson (@olvh) • Instagram

post objects. (@postobjects) • Instagram

A Does Art (@a.does.art22) • Instagram

🤪 Меми

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