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Yurii Dereng
Yurii Dereng


UI/UX Design Principle #1

1 Principle \ Contrast

Why do we need contrast?

First, it is necessary to highlight significant elements.

Secondly, to weaken less significant ones, contrast also helps to control a person’s attention and direct him in the right direction. You can use contrast to create hierarchy and structure.

Also, with the help of contrast, you can show a person what is important and what is secondary by analyzing this principle in simple, primitive figures.

Image description

Image description
Thus, it is immediately clear which element is the main one

Image description

Image description


Highlight the important elements 😊

Create an obvious difference

Weaken the less significant

  • Do not overuse Can be used everywhere on shapes, lines, icons, images, elements, typography, and wherever else you need to improve contrast!

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